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How Cleaning Your Closet Floor Clears Your Mind

How Clearing Your Closet Floor Clears Your Mind

What’s one thing you can do right now to speed up your morning routine? Clear the clutter from your closet floor!

I know, it sounds too simple to be true. But, this one, small action can make a big difference in making your mornings go more smoothly.

All it takes is 20 minutes, a few tools, and a little patience.

First, gather your tools: You will need a timer, 3 large trash bags and 1 plastic storage bin: (1 bag for items to donate; 1 bag for items to throw away; and 1 bag for items that need cleaning or repairs).

Next, set your timer time for 20 minutes. You want to stay laser focused on this task until the 20 minutes is up.

Then, pull everything from your closet floor out of the your closet.

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