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Simply Handled Takes Care Of The Small Stuff So You Have Time & Energy For The Stuff That Really Matters.

After years of working 50-plus hours a week in a corporate job, then rushing home in the evenings to maintain my household as a wife and mother, I've learned a few things about success.

​Real success is about living a balanced, fulfilling life. It’s rooted in joy, peace of mind, and relationships—with our loved ones and ourselves.


Now that I’m retired from the constant hustle of corporate life, I understand that each day is a new beginning, and yesterday’s accomplishments are stepping-stones to tomorrow’s opportunities.


But the key to true, lasting success is living every moment the way YOU want, balancing your professional life with your personal one.


My name is Sheila Burke, and I am founder of Simply Handled, a personal concierge and home management firm that helps busy professionals find more free time so they can open their personal lives up to more life-enriching experiences.


Simply Handled’s Simple Beginnings

After my grandson was born, I discovered how much I enjoy knocking out other people’s to-do lists, organizing spaces and generally making others lives easier.


I took the reins on several projects for my daughter and loved every minute of it:

  • I researched sources for their home-remodeling project

  • I designed a storage system for their out of season clothing

  • I developed a baby inventory list to ensure steady supply of diapers and formula

  • I prepared their meals and shopped for groceries


My daughter and son-in-law were delighted that I completed those nagging and recurring tasks, and were even more excited about the extra time that opened up in their lives.


I discovered (to my surprise) the amazing sense of joy and accomplishment I felt in helping them plan, organize and complete chores and tasks so they could find more free time.


Simply Handled was born out of that sense of purpose and joy.


Is Your Time Focused On All Work, No Play?

One of my biggest regrets in life is not spending more time reading books with my kids, spending time with my siblings, or roasting marshmallows over campfires on summer evenings. 


When I worked as a publisher of cooking magazines and general manager of a radio promotion company, I had little free time to do the things in life that really matter. On the surface, it appeared I lived a balanced life, but secretly, I longed for more free time to spend doing the things I love to do with the people I love most.


Can You Relate?

Like most working parents, I felt rushed, harried, and frustrated that I couldn’t find more hours in the day. Even with a helpful husband, I never seemed to get everything I needed to do completed.


What I longed for was more time, space and serenity to fully enjoy all parts of my life.


Are You Ready To Hand Over Your Never-ending To-do List?

My mission is simple: I want to help working professionals free-up their time so they can live more balanced, enriched lives.


When you work with Simply Handled, you hand over your to-do list to me, and I take care of the rest. It’s as simple as that.


I make your life easier by handling all the small and big tasks that come up throughout the week that you simply don’t have time to do.


  • Some of the things can I handle for you include:

  • Organizing your rooms and home offices

  • Creating a system for your morning routine

  • Finding repair men for household emergencies

  • Researching products and services (i.e., plumbers) and vetting them

  • Shopping for groceries

  • Packing away seasonal clothing

  • Running errands


I free up your time so you can feel more relaxed, calm and ready to accomplish the truly important things you want to do.


If you are ready to feel relieved that your to-do list is checked-off, grateful that you have time to do the things you want, and prepared to handle whatever challenge life throws your way, then contact me for a FREE Get Acquainted Call.


I look forward to speaking with you about how we can work together to find more time so you can do the things you truly love to do.


P.S. I’m so confident you will love the free time you discover that I offer a 100% guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied, I don’t expect you to pay for my services.


You really have nothing to lose, only a lot of extra time to gain. Let’s talk about how I can help you!


Click here to set up a Free Get Acquainted call! 

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